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Project Management

Project Management is a proven method for the proper coordination and administration of a construction project.
Art Deco Project Manager (C.I.P.M) Certified International Project Manager.
Our clients comprise project investors, designers, contractors, subcontractors and architects.
Since many clients don’t have the experience, knowledge or human resources to manage their construction projects, it’s essential to partner with a trusted, reliable firm like Art Deco.
We have the ability, knowledge and professional skills to help our clients succeed with their projects from inception to completion.
Although Project Management can differ from project to project, our management services encompass elements like construction planning, cost estimation, resource allocation, contractors and developers advising, material and equipment, scheduling of construction, monitoring and coordination, Safety, quality and technologies.
Whatever your project, we guarantee to deliver a comprehensive ‘start-to-finish’ package, ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget.